“What is transportation like in your country?”



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Francesca Basil, Australia: Melbourne has a really efficient public transport system throughout the city. There are the public trams that run on the streets and pick up passengers at various locations, and buses are always available every couple of minutes. There are even high-speed trains that run to other surrounding cities. But the easiest and cheapest option is good old-fashioned walking. (Personally, I would rather walk to class in order to get to know the city and meet interesting people along the way.)

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Francesca Basil—Melbourne, Australia


great-ocean-road-2017My name is Francesca Basil and I ‘m participating in WVU’s study abroad exchange program throughout the spring 2017 semester. I am 21 years old from Weirton, WV and currently in my third year of university.

I study Environmental Geoscience through the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences. My destination for the semester is Melbourne, Australia, and I am spending five months in the land down under. In Australia, I will be taking classes at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in the heart of the city.

What made you want to study abroad?

Throughout my studies in college, I realized there is still quite a lot I don’t know about the world. Coming from a small town, one can only learn so much until actually leaving that safe haven and making the move to discover new places and opportunities.
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