Emma Alquist: A Day in My Life

Since arriving in Australia, every day has become an adventure.

On my good days I wake up early and go for a run on the coastal walk, which stretches from the iconic Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach in Sydney. The walk is about five minutes from my house and it’s absolutely beautiful.

During each run, I try to stop somewhere new to get a different view of the ocean and check out the new spring plants that are blooming (since the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere). After my run, I head home to eat breakfast and get ready for the day.

Fortunately I only have to go to my university twice a week because I have to take a bus and two trains to get there, which takes about 40 minutes in total. However, I go over the Harbour Bridge and pass the Opera House during my commute, so I can’t complain about the long travel time.

At uni, I can be found in one of the three courses I am taking here: vegetation ecology, health care ethics and biochemistry. Two of these courses have labs with them so it’s fun each day to see how they differ from the labs I am familiar with at West Virginia University.

Another part of my courses are tutorials, which are small one-hour classes that help reiterate important concepts from lectures. I think these would be beneficial at any university around the world because they allow students to ask questions and make connections to the content in a smaller, more comfortable setting.

After uni, I usually head home and do some of the schoolwork that is due for the online classes I’m also taking from WVU this semester and study some of the material I learned in lecture that day. Following this, I usually greet my flatmates, who typically come home from work and school around this time. Together we cook our dinners, have a glass a wine and talk about our days.

This is always a good time because our house is a big melting pot filled with Brazilian, Dutch, English, Canadian, and Japanese girls. Every encounter with them usually ends in lots of laughs and random dance sessions in our kitchen.

Depending on if I have courses scheduled for the next day, sometimes I meet with friends or go out with my flatmates for a drink in the city after dinner. Luckily there is always something going on in Sydney, so we can usually find live music, fun happy hours or other events happening in the area any day of the week. I have never lived in a city this large before and am really loving it. It is so nice to be able to leave the house and do something new and exciting whenever I feel like it.

Because I have only six months to explore Sydney, I try to stay busy and make the most of every moment I have here. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and plan to take advantage of my remaining days in the country. See you in two months, WVU!


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