Emmanuel-Ewald Mushy – Hong Kong

emmanuel.jpgI am a 23-year-old originally from Tanzania. I am a junior at West Virginia University pursuing a major in international business (with a focus on management) with a minor in fashion, dress and   merchandising. I am currently doing a study abroad program at Hong Kong Baptist University during the fall 2016 semester. At HKBU, I am taking business classes.

What made you want to study abroad?

Exposure. As a young multicultural creative, I strive on being diverse and feeding on experiences from different cultural backgrounds.

What were your expectations for this trip?

 Before coming to Hong Kong, I remember setting a lot of expectations about the city. However, a few months down the road, I decided not to set any expectations and thought it would be better to go about the trip with a fully open-minded framework so that I do not get disappointed when such expectations were not met. So far I am enjoying each and every experience I encounter here.

 What do you hope to accomplish or do while abroad?

My goal is to explore everything, from tasting every local dish to traveling in as many local spots and other cities and countries across Asia, such as Taiwan, Vietnam, and Japan.

What has been your biggest culture shock, if anything?

When I got invited by a bunch of local friends to go for dessert at 2 a.m. Late-night gatherings in search of food and nice restaurants is a big thing here.

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